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For over the 30+ years, where ever Ron Byrant has called home, you will find Ron about the work of caring for the less fortunate. In the late 70′s thru the late 90′s living in Mexico and other similar locations, Ron and his wife Mary would always find away to feed the poor.

With limited resources but a big heart, Ron would visit all the local grocery stores collecting and food the stores would donate, then deliver the food across the border to those who needed it, whole villages were fed by Ron laboring week in and week out. In addition to feeding the poor, Ron began to plant Bible schools in Mexico in the late 90′s. Ron did all of this with very limited resources.

Starting a new phase, in 2001 Ron and Mary moved to Managua, Nicaragua to continue planting bible school. As with every other phase of their lives Ron and Mary stepped out with limited resources. In less than 3 years, Ron planted over 600 bible schools. Even to this day many of these schools are still in place today.

After Nicaragua, Ron and Mary moved back to Kanas City in 2003. It wasn’t long before Ron was feeding the needy again. Ron’s food ministry still feeds over 400 families in need each week in Kansas City area.

For future, Ron and Mary have big dreams of sending containers of food to all over the planet, where ever there is need.

One thought on “Missions International

  1. How do I find out more about this organization? I like what you guys stand for, and all the lives that you have touched. God Bless!

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